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What can you mix with Kamagra oral jelly to taste better?

What can you mix with Kamagra oral jelly to taste better?

Kamagra is a popular ED medicine. It effectively works against impotence, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, etc. As an effective and cheapest alternative to Viagra, it has been used in men for many years. 

Kamagra is found in different forms. After the pill, the most popular form is Kamagra oral jelly. It is very effective for those who find it difficult to swallow the pill. 

What is the difference between Kamagra Tablets and Kamagra Jelly? 

Kamagra Tablets and Kamagra Jelly have been developed to treat male impotence. Both contain the same active ingredient. Only some difference in dosage is seen. This oral jelly can range from 50mg to 100mg. But tablets come up to 200mg. This oral jelly comes in different flavors, such as orange, vanilla, and chocolate. You need to pick the flavor as per your choice. The manufacturer added these flavors to the oral jelly to increase its sales.

The ingredients in Kamagra oral jelly: 

Pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma Ltd., the manufacturer of Kamagra, claims that Kamagra Oral Jelly is also made of sildenafil citrate. It works the same way as Viagra. First, the medicine relaxes the muscle of the penis. This substance works by increasing blood flow. This way it helps to get and maintain an erection during sex. But it can work if you are sexually aroused. 

Strengths and Doses

Kamagra oral jelly usually comes in 100 mg strength. This means this jelly contains 100 mg of sildenafil citrate and other ingredients.  In the packaging box, you can find the sachets of jelly. The jelly numbers in the packaging box differ as per the price. 

You should not take the dose alone. It is essential to consult with the dose. He should decide which dose is perfect for you. At the start of the treatment, the doctor advises taking the lowest strength dose. Then he increases the dose gradually. The Oral Jelly is developed for those who find it difficult to swallow the table. The doctor recommends the medicine to treat two or three sexual disorders.

To reach its full potential, you need to take the jelly 30 to 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. You have to take the whole table at once with a glass of water. The normal dose of the medicine is once per day. Never take an overdose, as it can create serious side effects. Try to follow the label that comes with the medicine’s box or packaging. This oral jelly can work properly if you are sexually stimulated.

Unlike tablets, this oral jelly is specially formulated to overcome ED impotence. It indirectly helps to overcome the relationship problem between two partners. 

How Kamagra oral jelly works: 

Impotence or erectile dysfunction can put people into depression. It can destroy their social status and break their confidence. Kamagra oral jelly, a formulation of Sildenafil, performs excellently in treating sexual problems. It aids men in getting and maintaining an erection during sex. When a man is sexually aroused, blood flows into his penis and erects him. But with ED, he cannot achieve an erection due to not getting enough blood in the penis. Tadalafil improves the quality of the blood vessel in the penile region. 

Essential factors of the oral jelly

You need to follow some instructions while consuming the jelly. 

1. You can take the jelly without water. Directly, take it on your tongue and swallow. 

2. Don’t take a heavy or oily meal before taking the pill. This type of meal prevents the medicine from working.

3. While taking the oral jelly, you need to avoid alcohol consumption. Alcohol must slow the pace during sexual intercourse.

4. Take one sachet of oral jelly daily at least 30 to 60 minutes before intimacy. If you take an overdose, it indeed causes some side effects.  

5. Children and women cannot take the jelly. So you should keep it away from the children and pets. 

Common side effects of Tadarise

Kamagra oral jelly cannot create severe side effects for users. If you experience any normal side effects, you don’t need any medical attention, as it is a normal problem. But the side effects may persist a long time in the body; you should consult with medical practitioners, 




Muscle pain

Blurred vision

Rash in the whole body

Upset stomach

The medicine does not have any history of significant side effects. But if you have a previous history of a heart problem, liver problem, or any record of a heart attack or stroke, or kidney problem, you should avoid taking medicine.

How to take the oral jelly?

First, you should dissolve it with some water.

Then take it in your mouth and swallow it.

Some people dissolve the jelly with enough water to make a juice. Then drink it at a time, or with a straw.

If taken through a straw, do not take it slowly, try to take it as quickly as possible. You have finish the totally jelly within 30 minutes.

If you want to get the best result, you have to take it empty stomach. First you should finish your food. Then, you have to take the oral jelly after minimum 1 hours of taking your meal.

You can take the oral jelly with milk to increase its taste:

It should be safe with milk. There are no research shows that oral jelly causes any interaction or serious side effects with milk. Additionally, instead of water, mixing the jelly with milk increases its taste, along with the various health benefits of milk.

The whole milk contains 8 grams of fat. You should take low fat milk while dissolve the Kamagra jelly, instead of high fat milk. Since the high fat milk may cause the upset stomach. If you are tend to the allergy to the milk or having intolerance with lactose, you need to be very careful with milk.

It may cause the stomach upset or acid reflux. So, it is proved that Kamagra oral jelly with milk won’t be harmful, or does not cause any side effects. But in many cases, the body reacts differently to water and tolerates the combination, such that you may experience a delay in getting an erection.

In a 2018 study, it was observed that some healthy volunteers suffered from side effects such as upset stomach, feeling of fullness, nausea, etc. after taking milk and oral jelly together.

With fruit juice, the Kamagra oral jelly can be risky:

Some people think that taking Kamagra oral jelly with fruit juice will increase its test. But oral jelly can be risky with some fruit. These two substances interact with each other and cause different side effects. So you should avoid taking the medication with fruit juice.

Most of the ED drugs, containing sildenafil citrate interact with some fruit such as grape fruit, pomelo, and pomegranate. So you need to be careful of taking these fruits with the oral jelly.

The interact of Kamagra oral jelly with different fruit juices depends on how much juice you drink, how much medicine you take, how your body reacts individually. So you should consult with your doctor.

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