Best Medicines for the Treatment of Allergy

Allergy is a common disease that we come across around the complete world. There are different diseases in the allergy category. Although, there is not a certain disease like an allergy. But many medicines are capable of countering allergies. Some special drug medicines are used to deal with allergies.

Allergy is caused due to the overreaction of food to the immune system. The substance which causes allergies is called triggers. Allergies are caused due to the inappropriate work of the immune system. Some of the common allergy substances are-

  • Animal hair
  • Insect stings
  • Pollen
  • Medicines

Some of the medicines to deal with allergies:


These are the medicines that are used for the treatment of the natural chemical which is produced in our body which is Histamine. Histamine can cause itching to the skin and can also cause hives on the skin. This medicine reduces the activities in the central nervous system.

Thus, it can also be used to treat some issues like anxiety and tension. With the combination of some other medicines, it can also be used for the treatment after anesthesia. The main use of this medicine is to treat skin allergies caused by different reasons. Although, some precautions should be taken as this can cause bad effects on newborn babies. So pregnant women should consult a doctor before going for this medicine.


This is another medicine for the allergy category. This is used to reduce allergy symptoms such as having red skin, and itching on the skin, so as reduce watering eyes and running nose. This also works by reducing the natural chemical of the body histamine.

Histamine can cause a runny nose. This medicine is also used to treat perennial disease allergies, which are caused in adults and children older than 6 months. It is also used for having control over the swelling which is caused by chronic.


This is also called an antihistamine, which helps reduce a natural chemical of the body called Histamine. These medicines are used for the treatment of sneezing and running the nose. Some of these are chewable, so you should consult your doctor before having them. Also, tell the doctor if you are suffering from either kidney or liver disease.


This medicine is used for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. And is also used for the treatment of infantile spasms in cases such as allergies, asthma, blood problems, and other diseases. Although, consult a doctor before using these types of medicines.

Ala Hist IR

Another medicine that also works on reducing the natural chemical found in the body is Histamine. This medicine is also used for the control of running nose and sneezing. However, this medicine should not be used for a child to sleep. Before starting the usage of this medicine, one should consult a doctor. If you have asthma or chronic bronchitis, you should consult a doctor. Also, pregnant women should consult a doctor before using this medicine.


In this article, we have discussed the allergy category of medicine. These medicines are mainly used to control Histamine, which is the major cause of allergy.

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