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Sildenafil and Alcohol

Sildenafil and Alcohol

Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition that is seen in men of all age groups. It can affect men in their 20s or in their 60s. There is no specific age at which this problem is affected. When you are above 50, this problem is common. That means, as you start aging, the problem becomes more common. Sildenafil is a very common drug for treating this condition in men. It is preferred over other kinds of treatments because of its safe usage and effective results.

Erectile dysfunction can make men mentally stressed when it affects them at an early age. Many men prefer drinking alcohol along with the drug for the best results. But you should understand that it can give a negative effect when you combine these two. Above all, alcohol can be a reason why you are able to get an erection. It may help you to handle stress and anxiety but can worsen the condition or cause sexual disorders. So, if you wish to buy Sildenafil and begin its usage, stay away from alcohol. 

Basics about Sildenafil and alcohol

As discussed earlier, alcohol is not safe when using erectile dysfunction. But you need not have to avoid it completely. When taken in excess it can be dangerous for you. A small amount of alcohol is still fine with this drug. 

When we talk about the small amount or quantity, it is going to be different for each person. You will have to limit your alcohol intake to two drinks a day. The negative effect of alcohol can be regulated when you drink less and at a regular pace. 

So, some basic rules that apply when you are drinking alcohol are:

Your limits: You should always know your limit when you take Sildenafil online. You cannot drink it like you generally do. 

Take it slow: Many people have the habit of gulping one drink at a time. But when you wish to consume the drink along with the ED drug, you will have to take it slow. That will help in allowing your body to process the drink. 

Switch in-between: If you love drinks then it is a great idea to switch between non-alcohol and alcoholic drinks. In between two alcoholic drinks, you can add a non-alcoholic drink. This way you will be able to drink for a long time but limit your alcohol consumption. 

In simple words, when consumed in a reasonable amount, Sildenafil and alcohol will not cause any side effects. The benefits can be enjoyed.

What is Sildenafil and why should it not be combined with Alcohol?

Sildenafil citrate is the generic name for Viagra pills or it is the main ingredient used in its making. It will help in improving the blocked blood flow to the penile area. For an erection to happen, the blood has to flow in a very normal way. When the blood flow to the penile area is blocked or reduced, you will not be able to get an erection. To overcome this problem, Sildenafil pills are used. 

Once you take the pills, the PDE-5 effect will be inhibited. PDE-5 enzyme will suppress the effect of nitric acid that is produced when a man is stimulated.

Without it, it can be tough to get an erection. Once the PDE-5 is inhibited, the nitric acid does its job and so a man will be able to get an erection. 

It has to be taken when you wish to have sexual intercourse with your partner.

The drug will help those men who are unable to get an erection even after being sexually stimulated.

It needs a very short period like 30 minutes to 60 minutes only for showing the effect on the body. 

When you combine alcohol with any medicine, it can make the condition worse. Or sometimes, the medicine will not function the way it should. That means you will not be able to see any results even if you are using the drug in the right way.

The effect of this drug will remain in the male body for four hours. So, if you are aroused during this period, then you can get an erection. 

What effects does alcohol show on the male body?

When you combine Sildenafil and Alcohol, it will not give you good results. But restricting the use of alcohol is not required just with Sildenafil. Overall, there are many effects that cause on the body and hence you should avoid it. So, what effect does alcohol show on the male body?

Alcohol affects the testosterone levels in the male body. Testosterone is important for the production of sperm, and the development of sexual organs. When you consume too much alcohol, your testosterone levels will come down. 

Also, when you take more alcohol, estrogen levels increase. It is usually present in females but can be found in males as well. When these levels increase, it will feminize the male body. 

It will affect the testicles in the male body. When you consume excess alcohol, the testicles shrink. This reduces sperm count. 

Alcohol can even cause an impact on prostate glands. It gives inflammation, redness, and pain. 

When can you take Sildenafil tablets?

What should be the gap between the Sildenafil tablets and alcohol? When you have control over the quantity of alcohol you are consuming, you need not have to maintain any gap. Social drinking is always good and you should have control.

Side effects of alcohol on Sildenafil

In most men, a moderate amount of alcohol is always safe, whether you take it with Sildenafil or any other medicine. Whenever you are discussing the usage of erectile dysfunction medicine, you should be honest. You should discuss the actual amount of alcohol you consume daily. Only then your doctor will suggest the right medicine and the amount of alcohol you can consume. So, talk to the health expert about the right dose that suits you. 

But even if you are using Sildenafil 50 mg as per the direction of your health professional, you may have a few side effects. They are seen in moderate conditions only and do not get severe. 

Facial flushing


Back pain

Muscle pain

Joint pain


Tender eyes



As discussed, they are seen in a moderate state only. But if you do not follow the instructions given by the doctor, they can get worse. The chances of these side effects getting worse are high. 

Type of alcohol

Another important thing to understand while talking about Sildenafil and alcohol is the type of alcohol you consume. There are different types of alcoholic drinks available in the present market. Each drink comes with a different percentage of alcohol in it. So, when the alcohol content in the drink is low, you can have one drink extra. But when the percentage is high, you should strictly restrict the number of drinks. This is one of the important factors to keep in mind while deciding how much alcoholic drink is good for you with Sildenafil. 

Avoid Grapefruit drinks

Some alcoholic drinks come in a grape flavor. For example, wine is made using grapes only. Grapefruit should always be avoided while using erectile dysfunction medicines like Sildenafil tablets. Usually, you will be able to get an erection when the medicine is absorbed into the body. So, when you drink grape juice, your body takes more time to get absorbed into the body. The effect of the drug will also remain for more time than it should. Also, the side effects will also last for a long time. So, any cocktail or other alcoholic drinks that contain grapefruit should always be avoided. 

When to see your health professional?

Some people restrict the use of alcohol while taking Sildenafil, but still, they may have some problems. So, you may have to see your health professional in some cases, like:

When you start feeling distressed after you start taking the pills. 

When the medicine is not working well for you. 

If you experience any pain after taking the erectile dysfunction pills.

Your doctor will check all the details and then decide what is causing the problem. As long as alcohol consumption is low, the side effects may not be due to alcohol. There can be several reasons why the medicine is not working, causing distress or pain that you experience. Only experts will be able to explain it well. All the questions that you have in your mind can be clarified with the help of a health expert. 


So, when it comes to whether you can combine Sildenafil and Alcohol, the answer is simple. Alcohol alone will not cause any danger when consumed in fewer quantities. Also, seek help from professionals when you already have the habit of consuming alcohol. It can help in the right ways to avoid any problems or side effects. You can benefit from Erectile Dysfunction medicines when you use them in the right way with the right diet. 

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