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Is generic Levitra as good as Levitra?

Is generic Levitra as good as Levitra?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is the most common sexual disorder today. It makes men unable to keep or maintain enough erections during sex. The erection problem may prevent you from having satisfying sex with your partner. As a result, his social status or relationship can be ruined. Sometimes, stress, fatigue, alcohol, or emotional problems may play the leading behind the erection problem. Erectile dysfunction or impotence creates the partial or complete inability to erection. These medicines cannot cure erectile dysfunction. It only helps to prevent erection. So you can get a long-lasting erection.


Which one is the best treatment for ED, generic Levitra or Levitra?

There are lots of ED pills available in the market. Levitra is one of them. These are highly effective in dealing with sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction or impotence. You may find out the two forms of Levitra and generic Levitra. If you compare the two medicines, Levitra and generic Levitra, you must look at all the information carefully. Levitra and generic Levitra are the same medication. The Levitra is available in different brand names, such as Staxyn. 

Generic Levitra is equally as safe and effective as Levitra or Staxyn. Both contain Vardenafil. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demonstrates that generic Drugs’ functions are as same as their brand-name counterpart. Both are the same and effective.

What is Levitra?

Now all medicines of Vardenafil are widely used and the most recognized drugs for ED or other sexual. Nowadays, ED is a very simple sexual disorder where a man fails to keep or maintain an erection during sex. Due to hectic lifestyles, vast numbers of men worldwide suffer from this disorder. With erectile dysfunction or impotence, they become extremely interested in treating those problems. Generic Levitra and Levitra come with different types of strength. The dose is determined by the physicians according to the level of the problem to treat ED. They are the most effective and successful medication for treating this health condition. If you use the drug, you can be free from the problem first and then maintain and keep strong stimulation during sex.

The work procedure of these Vardenafil drugs

These two drugs are similar to other ED drugs. By relaxing veins and muscles in the blood vessels of the penis, generic Levitra and Levitra can improve your sexual capacity. So, more blood can arrive at the penis or other sex organs. It also prevents faster ejaculation. Remember, these drugs are not designed for women, so only men can take them. 

How Vardenafil works?         

Vardenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor that helps to treat Erectile dysfunction by allowing more blood into the penis. To understand how the medications work, you have to know the erection process of men.

When you become sexually stimulated, the blood vessels may get the message from the brain. After that penis starts releasing the chemical called nitric oxide.

Inside the blood vessels, Nitric oxide diffuses. It helps to form another chemical known as cGMP. 

After that, cGMP become relaxes the blood vessels of the penis. So more blood can flow into the tissue of the penis. 

Levitra dosage

Both Levitra and generic Levitra are found in tablet form. It is also found in different strength range from 2.5 mg to 20 mg. The doctor determined the dose of the medicine according to the severity of the problem. 

First, doctors start with a low dose, such as 10mg. You need to take one hour before sex. After some days, they increase the dose up to 20 mg. they determine the dose based on the effectiveness of the medicine and the presence of side effects. Do not take any form of Vardenafil more than once each day. If you are over 60 years old, your physician may recommend taking a dose of 5 mg start. It is powerful medicine.

So it is essential to watch how the body responds to the medicine. If patients experience any side effects or not after taking it. You must avoid the other ED drug if you are already taking it. So before prescribing, you have to inform your doctor about all the medicine you are using. These ED medicines can be risky if you take it with nitrates medicine, which often prescribes to treat chest pain or angina. This medication is not designed for use by women and children. So they have to avoid the medication.

Why generic Levitra and generic Levitra for treating ED?

Both Levitra and generic Levitra are similar medicine. Generic Levitra is a comparatively inexpensive option. In 2003, The Levitra was introduced by the reputed German company Bayer Pharmaceuticals. They developed the medication as a competitor of Viagra. Since that time, this little pill has gained huge reputation all over the world. 

The Levitra and generic Levitra( the generic Vardenafil) are fast-performing pills. It absorbs in the blood very fast and works to stay effective for the next 4-6 hours. This ED drug is available in the market in two forms, oral jelly, and tablet. The oral jelly is designed for aged people. They are very simply swallowed than other ED medication. Old people or other men who find trouble swallowing the tablet or pill can use the jelly. It can be an excellent choice for them

Levitra, the brand name of Vardenafil, is also efficient medicine for ED or other sexual dysfunction. If you compare Levitra and generic Vardenafil, generic medicine is the cheapest. This medicine is always available at a lower price. The active ingredient of this medicine, Vardenafil, is considered the best compound for ED.  

All people want to save some amount of money while buying any type of product. Well, this is also true for purchasing medicine for ED also. However, both pills Levitra and generic Levitra, comes from the same class of ingredients, like Vardenafil. But generic Levitra is a comparatively less expensive medicine with the same level of effectiveness. So the Levitra and generic Levitra are the same efficient and safe to consume. 

In the first-paced world, there are more than 30 million men affected by Erectile dysfunction in the united state. It usually happens due to mental and physical issues affecting our hormones, brains, blood vessels, and nerves. ED medicines help to improve the function of the penis. It also treats erectile function by increasing nitric oxide. It is the main ingredient that works by relaxing the penile muscles.


You should remember most sexual disorders cannot be cured easily within a short time. So very importantly, you cannot expect any miracle that can change your fortunes overnight. With medicine, you will get more challenging erections during sexual intercourse. Generic Levitra and Levitra are considered the best medicine for erectile dysfunction. Vardenafil is really an effective ingredient for treating this problem.  You can purchase the Levitra and generic Levitra online very quickly. You need a valid prescription if you want to purchase the medicine offline. The perfect way to buy medicine is from a reputable website; you must find the best. They always try to provide their customers with the best quality medicine at an affordable rate. Online medicine shops always try to maintain their reputation.

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