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Can men take Cenforce FM?

Can men take Cenforce FM?

It treats ED in men. Cenforce FM treats sexual arousal disorders in women it has Sildenafil Citrate. It is a PDE5 inhibitor. It promotes blood circulation towards the male organ and aids to attain an erection in men. In women, it enhances the blood flow toward the reproductive organs which increases stimulation. Many women have a problem where they cannot have a great response during sexual playtime. This drug stimulates the sexual performance of women by improving sexual disorder problems. It helps women to feel more sensitive and improve libido problem. You should take a tablet within 24 hours for preventing encountering severe health impacts.

How effective is Cenforce FM?

Working mechanism:

In men: These pills stop the PDE5 enzyme from acting to prevent penile erection. When a man is sexually excited, the cells of the penile tissues release nitric oxide. It stimulates the generation of cGMP. It regulates the flow of blood by controlling the dilation and compaction of the vessels carrying it.

In women: Cenforce FM increases the blood flow towards the female genital organs. It enhances the sensitivity to deliver a better sexual experience.

Benefits of using this medicine

It works and loosens up the penile veins. It permits blood to flow into the penis. Thus it produces an erection when physically aroused. This drug will assist with getting a penile erection assuming you are sexually excited. It is very successful yet you need to take it 30 minutes before sex. You must try not to use this drug if you likewise take drugs known as nitrates. They are often given for chest pain.

How safe is Cenforce FM?

Use by women: It has been recommended by doctors. Data is not sufficient to understand whether Cenforce FM will be harmless for the maturing fetus or the nursing child. So always consult your doctor if you breastfeeding and need to take this drug.

A few side effects of Cenforce FM: The side effects of this drug may vary from one person to another. The most commonly occurring side effects due to the consumption of this drug are diarrhea, severe headache, and weakness. Some people suffer from nausea, dizziness, chest pain, and allergic reactions.

Missed dosage: When prescribed to be taken on demand, the chance of forgetting to use dosage is low. Yet if your doctor instructed you to have it one time every day and you miss using it, take it as soon as you remember. If your scheduled time for the next dosage is nearby, then entirely skip the dosage. You do not need to take any extra dosage to make up for the missed one because Cenforce FM may cause adverse side effects.

Overdose: If you exceed the prescribed dosage, it may cause drastic impacts on your health. If you face difficulties in breathing along with chest pain and dizziness become alert. You may face vision or hearing abnormalities, limb numbness, or other symptoms. Immediately contact your doctor.


It may interact with other drugs or supplements you are using. It can produce a few adverse impacts or cause Cenforce FM not to properly work. So you must tell your doctor if you are on any Vitamins, herbal supplements, or other OTC drugs. Here are some of its interactions.

Interaction with other drugs: It can cross-react with a few prescription and non-prescription drugs. So, you must discuss the drugs you are taking with your doctor so that a safe plan of dosage is advised for avoiding interactions of drugs.

  • Drugs for HIV treatment
  • Macrolide antibiotics
  • Azole antifungal drugs
  • Other inhibitors of PDE5
  • Drugs containing nitrate used to treat cardiovascular conditions
  • Alpha-blockers that are given for hypertension or enlarged prostate

Interaction with alcohol: Consumption of alcohol with these tablets may intensify the side effects such as dizziness to impact clear thinking. Apart from this, both can cause the blood vessels to become dilated and reduce levels of blood pressure.

Interaction with grapefruit: The drug concentration may increase in your bloodstream when you drink grapefruit or grapefruit juice with Cenforce FM. It may increase the possibility of experiencing some side effects.

Frequently asked questions

What are its uses?

It is prescribed to treat the following medical conditions such as male impotence or ED and female sexual arousal disorder.

What is the recommended dosage of Cenforce FM?

You should not use Cenforce FM without asking your doctor. Follow all instructions of your doctor for the most effective results. Swallow the whole tablet. You should not crush or break it. Drink a glass of water. In 24 hours, a maximum of one tablet should be taken. You should not stop this treatment or modify any dosage without asking your doctor.

I am using it. For how long should I keep on taking it?

People are always advised to use Cenforce FM as suggested by their doctors. You should not take this drug in a large dosage or for a longer duration than told. It is because it may cause some adverse impacts which may create a challenging situation.

Should I be careful while using Cenforce FM?

It may not be suitable for a few medical conditions. You need to use it with caution. Inform your doctor about your health conditions. Thus he can establish the suitability of Cenforce FM tablets according to your health status. You must use it with caution in the following conditions:

Known sildenafil allergies or allergies to any other drugs

Cardiovascular disorders

Kidney or liver diseases

Vision problem

Physical deformity of the male organ

Hypertension or hypotension

Pregnancy or lactating

Blood cell cancer

Severe anemic disorders such as sickle cells anemia

People aged below 18 years

How long is this drug effective?

On average the active effects of Cenforce FM last for two to three hours. Yet it depends on many factors. So its effect may vary from one individual to another.

How should I store this medicine?

You must keep the tablet in the packaging it came in. Store them at an ambient temperature. They must be stored away from sources of heat and high moisture. Keep them at a safe distance from your kids and pets. Dispose of any expired tablets according to the instructions of your local waste collection department. It is vital to avoid accidental intake of it.

I took more than a tablet in 24 hours. What will happen?

If you take more than the prescribed dose of Cenforce FM then it will increase your chances of experiencing side effects. These may range from moderate to severe. It is important that you stick to the recommended dose by your doctor.

Is FM Cenforce  a milder form of Viagra?

Both work in the same way for managing symptoms of ED. The only difference is their size, color, and strength.

Will it impact blood pressure?

Yes. Cenforce FM acts on the blood vessels. This drug dilates them which reduces blood pressure. This may not be appropriate for people suffering from hypotension.

I used Cenforce FM. Can I drive now?

It may cause dizziness. But not everyone will feel dizzy. So it is best to avoid any activity that needs concentration like operating heavy machines or driving until you are sure how this drug influences you.

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