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7 Alarming Things a Weak Erection is Telling You

7 Alarming Things a Weak Erection is Telling You

When you are halfway through your sexual activity and you notice that you are unable to achieve a full erection. Men usually start to panic due to this condition. Erectile dysfunction is a heart-breaking situation for every man. There may be several reasons for being not able to get an erection. But there are many things that you will be able to understand from your weak erection. You need to concentrate on what your signs are and understand why you are having erection issues.

When you are unable to get an erection one or two times, you don’t have to sweat it. There can be some simple stress or depression that causes it. But if the problem is persisting, then it is time for visiting a doctor. It is considered one of the signs of major health issues. You should see your general physician and not a sexologist or erection clinic. That helps to determine the underlying cause of the problem and what serious health issue is waiting for you.

Some of the revelations that your weak erection can tell you are:

You are too stressed:

Stress is one of the major problems in men’s lives and that kills erection. It is sometimes hard for you to decide what is causing stress for you. Instead of concentrating down there, you pay attention to your work. You will have to look at several parameters around you. It can be work, deadlines, a new job or working hours, or even your financial issues. Only when you concentrate on the right thing, you will find the reason for stress. If everything around you looks fine, then you will have to look at the relationship with your partner. It may not always be an external factor, it can also be an internal factor as well.

You are nervous:

Some men are very nervous. When a man is unable to get an erection, they start to panic. As discussed earlier, once or twice is very common and you need not have to worry. But when you start taking it very seriously, it can become a major problem. It will keep running in your mind continuously. It becomes a cycle and hence you need to be careful about it. Don’t let one or two instances play with your mind. You can try some therapy or counseling sessions. If you think they are too expensive or high budget, then you need to sweat it out. Yes, blowing out the nervousness at the gym or through yoga can be helpful. It helps you both physically and mentally as well. This increases blood flow in the male organ.

No Alcohol:

Sometimes doctors suggest drinking alcohol in moderate amounts can benefit your heart. But did you know that it can help your erection as well? It has been proven that men who drink alcohol on a regular basis can get an erection easily compared to those who do not have alcohol or have recently quit alcohol. You can have 1 to 10 drinks per week and it is healthy.

Too much Alcohol:

This point is going to be contrary to the point that we discussed above. Yes, men who do not drink or who have just quit alcohol can have erection issues to those who drink. But if you drink too much alcohol, then it can be a major problem. It will not just increase the problem of erectile dysfunction, but can also trigger premature ejaculation. In a study that was conducted on 100 men who drink too much alcohol, more than 75 men have sexual dysfunction problems. So be cautious about that important signal.

Your hair loss issues:

Are you having hair fall issues? Are you trying to stop hair fall or at least protect the hair that is left? Then you are at risk of erectile dysfunction. Some of the most common medicines that are used for treating hair loss in men contain Finasteride in it. It causes erection issues in men. So, one simple thing that you need to understand here is your regular medicine can also be a reason for erection issues. You will have to be very careful and discuss the same with your doctor for better results. If you are using muscle relaxants, anti-depression medicine, or blood pressure medicine, it can affect your sexual life.

Your weight:

Weight has always been on the list of erectile dysfunction causes. It tops the list of ED causes. You need to keep a check on your weight if you are having sexual dysfunction issues. Do not just think that fat is affecting your sexual life. There can be many side effects of being fat or obese. You will have a hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even heart-related problem will also be seen. You should first concentrate on losing some weight. Getting back in shape can be one of the best ways to get back your sexual life. You just have to start working out.

Your Testosterone levels:

Not always erection is a problem. Sometimes libido can also be a problem. You will have to talk to a sex specialist or doctor for getting more information on this. Your testosterone levels will help in understanding the libido problem. Low testosterone levels are a very common condition. Even though men start aging, they come across this problem. It is not at all a major concern. Men who are sleep deprived, overweight, or have bad eating habits can have low testosterone levels. So, you can take help of the natural methods for boosting your testosterone levels. But the first important thing that you need to concentrate on is the blood flow. You will be able to see good results when the blood flow is good to the penile area.


These are the seven important points that you will be able to understand when there is an erection issue. Also, you will have to work on these points for overcoming sexual dysfunction issues. Above all this, seeing a good specialist is very important. The specialist that you consult should be able to access the real reason for erectile dysfunction. The other risk factors that you may have to face in the future should be identified by the doctor. That way, you will be able to treat the condition and get the best help possible for major health issues. Several tests may be required to assess your overall health and get the complete picture. Identifying them at an early stage can help in living a better life.

Discuss with your partner when there is an issue. Erection issues are quite common and you are not alone in it. Many men come across these problems at an early age itself. So, if you can discuss the problem openly, you will be able to get some solutions. Along with that, your partner will also be able to offer you some mental support. That will also help in clearing their doubts about why you are not sexually active. Hence it makes your relationship stronger than it was before. Try to follow the signs and get a solution.

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